Thursday, 24 July 2008


The current relationship between street light and its environment is static and one-dimensional. Similarly, the user/service relationship is characterised by a lack of interaction and imagination.

By releasing street lights from their rigid position, they are given the freedom and flexibility to interact with their surroundings and users in new ways.

The Prisma street light projects three light beams in different directions. The orientation of these beams can be manipulated and personalised by tilting the head 30 degrees in either direction.

The source of illumination is a dynamic LED sphere which generates up to 360 degrees of light of various colours and intensities.

By breaking the rigidity of the light’s position through customisation, a living and playful relationship between the object and its environment is created.

Each street light is connected to a main server that can be wirelessly accessed through web-based software. The local authorities can lease the use of the lights for special events (festivals, public ceremonies etc.). In these cases, a temporary password may be granted to community members so that they can programmed and interact with the lights during the event.

This feature allows for enhanced interaction between community members and existing municipal services.

The street lights are powered by local electricity supply. Solar Panels on the sides of the head help powering the rotating mechanism of the lamp.